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💏 Ingress Cycle History

[ NR02-GOLF-04 ] - BERLIN



A simple React App that shows the Cycle History for a Cell. The Data is provied by Agents for Agents. Take a lookt at src/cycles

All Data is stored in Markdown Files and can be edit by everyone. Make a Pull Request to Add Data or Ping me @geryy in Telegram

💾 Data Structure

It's all Markdown. Example:

cell: NR02-GOLF-04
cycleYear: 2014
cycle: 2
cycleDate: 2014-02
resistance: 231000
enlightened: 66000

Sitrep written in markdown goes here....

The Frontmatter contains all the Data needed for Gatsby to parse. You can add as many fields you want but don't remove any.

🤖 Build with...

  • GatsbyJS - a blazing fast modern site generator for React.
  • Markdown
  • Hosted on Netlify
  • CMS: Netlify CMS

Make it yours

This Project is Open Source and can be adopted by everone. Fork it and add your own Data in src/cycles

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